Technical Sector

The certified in the “Technical Sector” acquires a significant supply in the effort to find work and enhance his knowledge and skills. In this way he will gain the specialization and benefits that are associated with every sector of modern human society, and especially in today’s demanding labor market he will be able to fulfill the needs and skills required. He will also enrich his CV with certified knowledge that will provide him with great professional prospects in this field.
The certification “Technical Sector” by the  Hellenic Institute of Certifications – HEL.I.C. comes to meet the evolving needs that will lead to the improvement of the services provided by professionals and companies, as well as the satisfaction of the demands of the population. In order to cover a wider range of new requirements, the following specializations (templates) were developed:

✔ Technician of Modern Production Units – Modern Methods & Technologies
✔ Workshop Organization & Operation

Evaluation of Written Examinations

The examination process lasts 60 minutes and consists of 30 “closed type” multiple choice questions, where the candidate is obliged to choose the correct answer. The candidate who receives at least 70% of the maximum score is considered successful.


The  Hellenic Institute of Certifications – HEL.I.C.  provides the opportunity to all participants to receive the certification  “Technical Sector” .