Pet friendly Hotels

THE HELLENIC INSTITUTE OF CERTIFICATIONS – HEL.I.C. as an accredited body has developed a private certification scheme for the classification of tourist accommodation – hotels in levels, taking into account the policy they follow and the services they provide, regarding the hospitality of pets. The ranking of hotels, depending on the services they provide for pets, is escalated to three levels:


Level Ι: Standard

Level ΙΙ: Medium

Level ΙΙΙ: Advanced


Upon request, specialized inspectors – collaborators of HEL.I.C perform an autopsy on the tourist accommodation – hotel concerned, either with a physical presence at the accommodation or, in case this is not possible, remotely and in real time. In case of successful control, the tourist accommodation – hotel will receive from HEL.I.C. a three-year classification certificate stating its level of adjustment. Also, the body HEL.I.C. will carry out an annual monitoring of the certificate and the criteria on the basis of which it is issued.

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