Health and Welfare

Globally, the wider Health and Welfare industry has shown an upward trend in recent years, creating new employment opportunities. In addition to the public health system, there are private structures, which provide personalized health and welfare services, meeting the needs of the population. More specifically in our country, the field of Health and Welfare is in a stage of development, however there is an obvious lag in the existence of knowledge certification.

To date, the level of specialization of human resources (excluding doctors) is largely characterized by empirical knowledge, without the possibility of their certification. Therefore, the certification that will lead to enhanced professional qualifications in jobs related to the specialization in the field of Health and Welfare, create a competitive advantage and enhance the productivity and adaptability of the employee to the requirements of the industry.

With the above data, the certification “Health and Welfare” by the Hellenic Institute of Certifications – HEL.I.C. comes to meet the evolving needs that will lead to the improvement of the services provided by professionals and companies, as well as the satisfaction of the demands of the population. In order to cover a wider range of new requirements, the following specializations (templates) were developed:

✔ Breastfeeding
✔ Preparing for parenthood
✔ Home Perinatal Care
✔ Specialist in Child Care and Babysitting – Babysitter
✔ Specialist in the Care and Care of Children with Special Needs – Babysitter for Children with Special Needs
✔ Social Care Officer (Pain Management – Psychological Support – Elderly Care Skills)

Evaluation of Written Examinations

The examination process lasts 60 minutes and consists of 30 “closed type” multiple choice questions, where the candidate is obliged to choose the correct answer. The candidate who receives at least 70% of the maximum score is considered successful.


The Hellenic Institute of Certifications – HEL.I.C. provides the opportunity to all participants to receive the certification “Health and Welfare” . 

Accredited certificate from the National Accreditation System – Ε.ΣΥ.Δ.