Executive Real Estate Contractor – Real Estate Management

In recent years, real estate and, consequently, the professional sectors that are active in it, have experienced a great economic crisis, as a result of which every professional activity has been degraded. However, the real estate sector and real estate services in general, is one of the main sectors of the country’s economy. Nowadays the broker is not limited only to the national real estate market, but also to the international one. Specifically, our country offers a large number of properties and land, suitable for both tourism and business.

From the broker’s point of view, the long-term trends are focused on increasing the services that real estate companies will offer, in order to be able to better meet the ever-increasing needs of the evolving real estate market. Professional brokers should upgrade their role to specialist real estate consultants focusing on specific market segments and satisfying targeted customer categories. Therefore, the certification that will lead to enhanced professional qualifications in jobs related to the real estate industry, create a competitive advantage and enhance the productivity and adaptability of the employee to the requirements of the industry.

With the above data, the certification “Executive of Real Estate Contracts – Real Estate Management” comes to meet the evolving needs of companies operating in areas related to real estate management. In order to cover a wider range of new requirements, the following specializations (templates) were developed:

Evaluation of Written Examinations
Real Estate Management Technician Office
Financial Advisor of Real Estate

Evaluation of Written Examinations

The examination process lasts 60 minutes and consists of 30 “closed type” multiple choice questions, where the candidate is obliged to choose the correct answer. The candidate who receives at least 70% of the maximum score is considered successful.

Accredited certificate from the National Accreditation System – Ε.ΣΥ.Δ.