CROSS CCU certification

Today, the global economy is evolving at a very fast pace to digital. Computer skills and computer skills are no longer considered a special qualification, but a foundation of the work environment and daily life. In this context, people in modern societies are required to gain experience in the use of information technology and the operation of computers.

The Hellenic Institute of Certifications – HEL.I.C. offers you the opportunity to certify your skills in the operation of Computers and to obtain a certification recognized in both the public and private sector in Greece.


Each module is examined separately at a specific examination time and the basis for the successful examination is 70%. Depending on the modules the candidate wishes to take, he / she can choose the type of CCU certificate he / she will receive.

Cross CCU  Basic 1
Certificate  (Total exam duration  45 ‘ )
 Cross CCU  Basic 2
Certificate  (Total exam duration  45 ‘ )
Word Processing (WORD) Computer Use and File Management (WINDOWS)
Spreadsheets (EXCEL) Presentations (POWER POINT)

To whom is it adressed to

✔ To professionals and employees, who want to be productive, efficient and achieve their goals in the shortest possible time.
✔ In companies that want to upgrade the level of knowledge of their employees in order to increase their efficiency.
✔ To students and young people who want to take advantage of the functionality of specific applications during their studies or are at the beginning of their career and want to enrich their CV.
✔ To those who want to increase their professional performance, gain self-confidence in the workplace and differentiate themselves from other employees.

The Hellenic Institute of Certifications – HEL.I.C. is a recognized body by the  National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance – Ε.Ο.Π.Π.Ε.Π.  (Certification Code EOPPEP 329 / 31-08-2018) and the certificates it issues are  recognized by the Greek State and accepted in the announcements of ASEP.

Recognized certificate from EOPPEP.