Accommodation Ranking in Stars and Keys

The system of classification of hotels and rooms for rent in categories of stars and keys respectively arose from the need for reliable information about the services offered, facilities and amenities of tourist accommodation. The certification of a tourist accommodation in a specific category of stars or keys is an assurance to the visitor that the accommodation will provide services, in accordance with the specified specifications of this category.

The new legal framework for the system of classification of tourist units in stars and keys is in full implementation from 1/1/2015.

The procedure followed for the classification of accommodation (Hotels, Organized Tourist Camps, Rooms to Let, Apartments) in stars and keys, is summarized as follows:

✔ Submission of a classification application by the operator
✔ Procedure for checking an application by the X.E.E. (Hotel Chamber of Greece)
✔ Application management by F.D.E.E. (Body for Conducting Audits and Inspections)
✔ Inspector Actions
✔ Completion of Certification by the F.D.E.E.
✔ Issuance of a Certificate by the X.E.E.

Based on the provisions of the current legal framework, the Hellenic Institute of Certifications – HEL.I.C. carries out audits and inspections for the classification of tourist accommodation and prepares a Technical Report, on the basis of which the Hotel Chamber of Greece (X.E.E.), as a competent body according to Law 4276/2014 (Government Gazette A 155), issues the classification certificates.